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Decreasing Team Drama


Incivility among team members can sink a team as surely as a well-placed torpedo can sink an aircraft carrier. In The Price of Incivility, Harvard Business Review quantified the cost of workplace incivility summarized below.  Incivility causes significant damage because it increases stress, leads to retaliation, rumination, lower levels of cooperation even among those who [...]

Decreasing Team Drama2018-12-07T18:26:20+00:00

A Team Strategy that Reduces Information Overload


The world is increasingly complex. This complexity requires deeper expertise that can compromise the ability to keep up with peripheral knowledge. A new concept of teams helps overcome this limitation. Traditional teams didn’t encourage or facilitate communication with other teams. The old paradigm was more likely to pit teams against one another in a form [...]

A Team Strategy that Reduces Information Overload2018-12-06T17:46:15+00:00

In or Out?


In or Out? Cooperative teams fuel success. Cooperation requires trust. How do we build trust? Researchers who study the human brain tell us our brain categorizes everyone as either a member of our in-group which translates to like us, or as not part of our in-group which translates to other. The controlling factor in whether [...]

In or Out?2018-12-06T00:22:23+00:00

Remaining Secure


Defining Yourself We have a definition of self. The first step is deciding if we will use the default definition other people trained into us or if we’ll consciously define ourself based on our deeply held values. Our values are often tied to our “Why.” The decision is our to make. Affirming ourself as the [...]

Remaining Secure2018-12-06T00:08:15+00:00

Define Yourself: Optimize Success


We’ve heard it many times, “Don’t let the opinions of others dictate how you see yourself.” But how can we ignore the opinions of others when we were trained to pay attention to how they see us? At first we were small and dependent so we wanted to please our parents; it felt like our [...]

Define Yourself: Optimize Success2018-12-05T22:16:14+00:00

Engaged Employees Drive Customer Satisfaction


Employee attitudes towards their job are correlated to customer satisfaction and appear to be causative. In other words, the more satisfied employees are, the happier customers are about their experience.   How much difference does employee engagement make in customer satisfaction? One study indicates a .43 relationship between employee engagement and customer satisfaction and a [...]

Engaged Employees Drive Customer Satisfaction2018-12-05T22:01:37+00:00

Create an Ethical Team: Define your Team’s Essence


The way you define your team influences the team’s culture. Do you consider the ethical implications when you define your team? Does it matter?  What is the essence of your team? Does the peer pressure within your team push for honesty or dishonesty? What does it mean to be a member of your specific team? [...]

Create an Ethical Team: Define your Team’s Essence2018-12-05T21:21:25+00:00

Getting to WHY: Igniting the Purpose of Your Organization


Well-defined mission statements create a rallying point for a team.   The process of reaching collective agreement about the identity of the team can take some time in the early stages but it prevents missteps and miscommunications later on. Undefined teams fall apart.  Team mission statements must support the mission of the overall organization. The [...]

Getting to WHY: Igniting the Purpose of Your Organization2018-12-05T21:13:30+00:00

Breakthrough Results: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Everything moves faster in today’s world. There is no time to rest on our laurels and enjoy the success we achieved yesterday. Today is a new day with new challenges. Just the idea of continuous improvement can feel exhausting. Competing to get to number one or to stay at the top is stressful. There is [...]

Breakthrough Results: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement2018-12-05T21:17:51+00:00
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