This edition of Sparked was published and delivered on March 31st, 2023.

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Engage your Team by Setting the Example

Why is being a leader so hard?

For one, everyone looks to you to observe what behaviors, actions, and standards and acceptable and unacceptable within the organization.

Let’s be clear here: leaders set the example for the entire organization.

Leaders set the tone and everyone else around them watches—for better and unfortunately sometimes, for worse.

Right or wrong, leaders are always under the microscope and most team members are always observing what a leader is and isn’t doing.

One way to bring your team together and build engagement? Consistently model the standards that you want to see everyone on your team exemplify. As you model the right behaviors, actions, and standards, your team will notice and they’ll do everything they can to follow your lead.

Perfection from you isn’t required—nobody is perfect. But consistency is expected.

For your Consideration

Have you considered what example you’re setting for your team members? 

Take some time and consider how you show up consistently. 

What do team members, peers, and superiors observe and know that you do really well?

Where might you be falling short of the standards that you expect from team members, peers, and superiors?

Recognizing those points surface important areas for growth. 

And while leading well is never easy, it becomes a whole lot easier when you are consistently modeling what success looks like for those around you.  

Take Action to Build Engagement

Not sure where to start when seeking to understand if you’re setting the right example? Try this:

  • Document What’s Expected: What do you expect from others? These could be focused on behaviors, actions, standards, or anything else that is expected from others. 
  • Build Self-Awareness: Be honest with yourself about where you’re meeting expectations and where you may be falling short. 
  • Seek Feedback: Superiors, peers, and team members can bring incredibly important insight to where you’re meeting and missing the mark. 
  • Be Mindful: Consider that for every action or in-action taken, there’s a reaction from those around you. Those around you always notice how you’re showing up. Being mindful that setting the example is half the battle of good leadership!

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