Do you have a memory of a favorite brand that no longer exists? Can you recall a business with a high level of service, or well-loved product that has long since closed its doors? These brands were desired because they found a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Somehow, they created a feeling that people wanted to experience again and again.

""In the case of beloved brands, we can often point back to the human interactions that accompanied each transaction. Often, these interactions were distinctly relational, and it was the human element of the service, experience, or product that people longed to repeat.

Many of us also know how disappointing it is when a once-special moment evolves into yet another nondescript interaction with an indifferent employee. It can make you question your initial loyalty to the brand.

It’s an experience that can best be described as one part sadness, one part frustration, and one part recognition — recognition, as a customer realizes they’ve felt this loss before and will likely feel it again. Another brand that once made people feel special becomes merely average.

The Brands That Persist

Happily, some favorite brands not only persist but continue to deliver on their original promises. Families still flock to Disney for a unique experience. Most people can think of a specific restaurant or company that makes them feel so special that they make a conscious choice to return, even in the face of other options.

To ensure the customer experience, these types of companies are relentless in:

  • Developing their people
  • Building their culture

Their leadership goes to any length to ensure a great interaction and go even further to make things right when shortcomings occur. They understand that every interaction with a customer is a referendum on whether that customer’s brand loyalty will continue.

""Team members also share an understanding that each interaction is vitally important, confirming, enhancing, or eroding brand loyalty. They take collective ownership for each customer’s experience and can articulate why they’re so committed to making these interactions unique and special.

As a leader, when you reinforce and nurture your company’s culture as the basis for a high level of service, you’re making a foundational investment in ongoing success. This important work is done by:

  • Creating and bolstering positive relationships among team members
  • Building and improving systems that help team members take great care of customers
  • Affirming and recognizing team members’ good work
  • Contributing to a climate of growth and opportunity for the team members who deliver on the promises of your brand

Keep in mind that, when you’re distracted or indifferent toward your team members, you’re also making a choice to ignore the needs of your customers.

Remaining Focused as a Leader

When you’re the leader of an organization, there are many calls for your attention. These demands can elbow their way to the top of your priority list, pushing the foundational underpinnings of internal culture to a lower position. To persist with sustained success and enjoy the highest levels of brand loyalty, you must remain focused on your team members. They should be your highest priority.

""Relentlessly invest time, support, and resources into the team members who conduct interactions with customers. Make sure they’re prepared and empowered to make good on the promise of your brand. The resulting customer loyalty will transcend each individual transaction, leading to meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

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