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Destination Leaders of the Future: Engaging and Retaining Emerging Talent

This report includes the summary of proprietary data collected and analyzed in a joint effort by the teams at Fired Up! Culture and SearchWide Global. 

We aim to provide current leaders around the destination marketing industry with actionable insights, backed by data, detailing why “30 Under 30” honorees leave destination organizations and what organizations must do to keep their emerging talent. These insights should guide strategic initiatives, as a greater focus on culture and engagement in the workplace becomes a foundational part of the executive strategy conversation.

Since 2011, Destinations International has honored an annual “30 Under 30” class, recognizing industry high performers and future leaders from a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives. Annual classes represent the destination leaders industry’s best young talent, and provide honorees with the opportunity to expand their reach and impact within the travel and tourism industry.

Unfortunately, research shows that many of these highly talented individuals, who are poised to make an even greater impact on the destinations they promote and our industry as a whole, are leaving the destination leaders community for opportunities that more closely align with their needs, goals, and values.