At Fired Up Culture, we believe that diverse voices, insights, and expertise fuel innovation, impact, and human progress. We are passionate about building and equipping leaders.

The time is now for leaders to step up more than ever before and make a difference. Our company is committed to doing more to invest in leaders, equip change agents, and encourage innovators. We all benefit when leaders show up and lead well

The fact that some voices have been and are being marginalized, abused, and silenced for long periods of time is anti-growth, all but eliminates true lasting impact and contrary to everything we believe in at Fired Up Culture.

We reject racism, inequality of opportunity, hatred, and cruelty.

As an organization, we will expand our commitment to helping ensure that our team members, our clients, our partners, and our fellow humans are safe, treated fairly, and given every opportunity to live out their true potential.

We are standing beside our team members to support equality, justice, and peace in a way that’s meaningful to them. We encourage everyone to join us in aligning and investing in organizations that make a priority of fairness, decency, respect, and love for all.

We all benefit in a world that makes it an essential, never-ending priority to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. The world operates best when the opportunities for growth, impact, and well-being are clearly available to all.

Our tag line has never been more important than it is now.

Get Up. Show Up. Fire Up.

We strongly encourage each of you to find your voice, be willing to embrace your humanity at a deeper level than ever before, and show the world that you are prepared to stand and make a difference from your place and calling. 


Chris Ihrig, Fired Up CEO and Founder