Fulfillment: A Process or Destination?

By Chris Ihrig

Never before has the midlife crisis happened so early in American Culture. We at Fired-Up! Culture often work with young professionals desperately seeking clarity of purpose in their lives as they transition to job three or even four, just a few years after college.

Of course, plenty of 40+-year-olds also seek our advice in the areas of life and job transition at an unprecedented rate. The red sports car and new spouse no longer suffice. Individuals simply want more – they want permanence in purpose.

Many of our clients view “purpose” as something that they don’t have but once they find it and secure it they will “arrive”. In working with clients and in personal reflection, I have realized that we don’t necessarily have one true purpose here in life. We really don’t!

Purpose is not so much a destination but rather a road we travel. It’s a place to invent and reinvent ourselves over a lifetime. This road is dusty, full of potholes at times; it has no clear markings or direction and offers plenty of distraction and diversions that tempt us off our road of purpose. As we drive this road, our purpose is made more clear, one decisional moment to the next.

Our purpose is in the now. We are literally designed for the now, not the tomorrow. Purpose, or as we call it at Fired-Up! Culture, “Our WHY” is not something to seek for far and wide. Rather I encourage you to acknowledge and lean into the reality that our purpose is right before us, right now.

Join me in aligning yourself with your purpose. Our team of Executive Coaches would be happy to help you align your career journey with what matters most to you.