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For the small to medium size business, having dedicated HR leadership often becomes impractical. Every business is unique and that’s why at Fired-Up we create customized, flexible and spot-on HR solutions and leadership to create a workplace where productive, purposeful and passionate talent can thrive. 

“Honestly, we were struggling.  We had no HR systems in place and it was a significant barrier to our growth.  Then we partnered with Fired Up. The effects were beyond what we expected, leading to a culture of growth and innovation.”

Steve G., Sales Strategist and CMO

“The drastic change our company has experienced over the past several years has been phenomenal. From the new talent strategy, to the roll-out of several key HR systems, the work with Fired-Up has proven to give our organization the needed people philosophies and practices.”

Gayle L., Head of HR, Nonprofit Sector

“We just completed the best years in the history in the company, and the Fired Up team has clearly been a partner in that process playing a significant role in our success. They will be a part of our future.”

Ian L., Founder, Portent Digital Marketing

HR-On-Demand.  Your Oncall Talent Team.

  • Human Resource Director On-call

  • HR Audit, Assessment and Action Planning

  • Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Job Analysis

  • Coaching & Equipping Internal HR Team Members

  • Executive Search & Placement


The HR-Dream Team. Fired-Up HR consultants are like a dream team of workplace experts available to your leadership to deliver a lasting impact on your business. We can come alongside your team in many different ways from being your go-to partner for all things HR, equipping your internal team in philosophy and skills, or by providing a stand-alone solution, the Fired-Up Team is here for you. 

A Question or a Chapter. Whether you are looking for that quick answer to a pressing Human Resource issue or you want to bring on an expert to fill a significant gap, the FiredUp team is here. We will help you implement human capital and talent strategy that ensures your people are interacting with your organization in a positive, meaningful way from the moment they apply, throughout their career journey with you, and even after they leave.

Build Your Brand. Activate Your Brand Ambassadors.

Your Brand. Your Promise. Keeping your organization’s story alive and thriving through culture and brand is critical. As your business grows and expands, the power of the story is the fuel that propels your team and business to new heights. We are culture branding experts that work seamlessly to ensure that your talent-facing brand is perfectly aligned with your talent strategy.

Activate your brands ambassadors! Your organization’s culture depends on your ability to create an environment where team members are valued and respected in an atmosphere of trust and positivity. In turn, your people will become your brand advocates. At Fired-Up we are passionate about designing the human experiences at work that activates your brand through your people. 

  • Organizational Culture Assessment

  • Employer Brand Development

  • Talent Strategy

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Culture Alignment

  • Change Management Facilitation

Activate Your Brand Today!

Reimagine the Way You Work

  • Candidate & Team Member Experience

  • Recruiting: Attract, Hire and Select New Talent

  • Orientation & Onboarding

  • Learning & Development

  • Performance & Rewards

Reimagine Your Workplace!

Reimagine. The world around us is constantly modernizing, but often, the way we work hasn’t kept up. We assist your leadership reimagine the way work happens. Our proven processes humanize work from start to finish. We identify and implement moments and touch points that engage and empower people to perform at their best.

Meaningful moments. Great workplace experiences. Our approach to culture work enables leadership to create life-giving cultures that attract and retain high-performing talent. Our consultants are experts at creating innovative and impactful solutions that keep your people at the center of the experience so both the organization and the people in it win.

People-Tech: A Key to Unlocking Engagement

Turn on the tech! Creating a highly impactful Human Resources system designed to provide a seamless team member experience is not only possible, it is essential.

Automate and personalize. By enabling the right People-Tech, you can help your organization lay a foundation for team member engagement from the moment a potential applicant first connects with you through their entire employment. 

  • HR Information System Design & Implementation

  • Applicant Tracking

  • Human Capital Analytics & Dashboard

  • Learning Management System Consulting

Unlock Your People-Tech!