Internal Culture … Relentlessly Pursued

by Tim Yeomans

Maximizing the Mundane

When analysis is done to determine what sets apart successful entities with those that struggle, we sometimes hear, “they pay attention to the details”, “they have great team-members” or “service is part of their of their culture”. While these statements are true, there are factors at play which go much deeper than platitudes. Success in any business is linked to the high-level performance of tasks, by team-members, that to many seem mundane. It is a commitment to follow through on the established protocols and process that sets such businesses apart. It is a willingness by leadership to set clear expectations for the business and team members that are carried out to the extent that the customer recognizes this brand as distinctly different, desirable and so unique that it will drive a specific purchase choice.

Businesses in our economy seek to differentiate themselves through advertising, packaging, customer experience, and niche. We have all seen remarkable advertising campaigns or creative approaches to established market sectors designed to entice consumers, which eventually fade because the customer experience with that business or brand does not align with the expectation, and thus the entity stagnates and fades.

Some businesses and brands are exceptionally committed to their unique approach. They are so willing to relentlessly hold themselves to account for their aligned performance in support of that commitment, that they seem to transcend all other competitors in their market. With these businesses, there is a common thread of an outstanding internal culture that permeates their “way of doing things”. The focus on the internal culture is such a driver and the effort to maintain and further refine it such a corporate obsession, that customers experience the difference and brand loyalty is created.

In the process of performing their service or providing their product average companies will frequently give in to the pressure to trim corners, complete the task at hand even though it may in some small way compromise values, or wait until next quarter to refocus themselves to the commitments that first made them successful. This can happen when a business is growing, when its in a particularly busy time, or in a period when ownership or management has begun to pay attention to other interests.

Businesses with the highest customer loyalty will simply not allow themselves to perform their work in a manner other than that to which they have committed. By prioritizing the support of their internal culture and the service the team members provide, these businesses avoid the trap of the momentary quick and easy, which eventually leads to brand stagnation or decline. Successful businesses are steadfast in their process of creating and supporting a culture among their employees which is direct alignment with their mission, and to their customers. They do not allow temporary pressures to deter them from the understanding that if the integrity of the business and the brand is maintained, the future is both bright and secure.

Successful businesses with a clear commitment to move beyond the “tyranny of the immediate” and focus their brand for growth and understand that their internal culture is critical to the customer experience. Team-members who believe in the processes and the culture are not only retained at a significantly higher rate but become ambassadors for the business and brand itself. Attention to the support, training, growth, and performance of their team members is not only relentlessly applied, it’s reciprocated in the form of customer satisfaction.

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