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The 2024 Culture & Workplace Engagement in Destinations Report

This report includes the summary and analysis of proprietary data collected by the team at Fired Up! Culture. It represents a tremendous amount of effort over the course of the year, and I thank our team for their meaningful contributions.

We aim to provide destination executives with actionable insights, backed by data, that show the areas where leaders should focus to drive healthy and engaging organizational culture. We believe these insights will help guide your strategic initiatives as a greater focus on culture and engagement in the workplace becomes a foundational part of the executive strategy.

We believe that the one true differentiator in organizations is a strong, healthy, thriving culture.

But cultivating this culture is not something that happens organically, and it’s certainly not something that happens overnight. Building an organizational culture that fuels a high-performing team requires intentionality and thoughtfulness.

We aim to arm leaders with data-backed research about what resonates with those in the destinations workforce today. We hope this report is a productive contribution to moving the conversation forward.

Thank you for taking the time to review our work. We hope it ignites positive change for you and your destination.