We’re excited to share a new resource: From Underperforming to Rockstar: A CEO’s Roadmap to Investing in Their People.

Inside this guide, you’ll learn to tackle some of the most common challenges caused by an underperforming leadership team: 

  • Authority that doesn’t inspire
  • Low productivity
  • High turnover

We created this resource to help you forge a leadership development plan that empowers your current leadership, strengthens your culture, and nurtures new leaders for years to come.

First, you’ll get insights into a new model of leadership that rejects strict hierarchy and gives everyone an equal sense of shared ownership and purpose. Then, dive into a detailed roadmap to help you invest in your leadership team. Finally, we’ll discuss helpful strategies for turning tough conversations with your leaders into opportunities for growth.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside: 

A Roadmap to Leadership Development 

  • Forge an unbreakable commitment to your norms and values
    • What it means
      • Your norms and values are the foundation of your company culture. Think of them as guiding principles, not “nice-to-haves.” 
    • Why it matters
      • Your leadership team needs a clear picture of who you are as an organization. It’s about identity, not about compliance. 
    • How to do it
      • Set clear expectations and model the behavior you want to see — like positivity, inclusion, service, honesty, or kindness.
  • Boldly commit resources and time
    • What it means
      • A commitment to professional development is just like going to the gym. If your goal is transformation, consistency is everything.
    • Why it matters
      •  Partial commitment can do more damage than no commitment because it sends a mixed message to your team
    • How to do it
      • Take time for regular check-ins with your leaders. Invest in leadership summits and other resources.

Learn to build a high-performing leadership team that inspires your organization and fuels a thriving culture. Access the rest of the roadmap by downloading From Underperforming to Rockstar: A CEO’s Roadmap to Investing in Their People.