We’re thrilled to release a new resource: The Innovative Leader’s Guide To Transforming Company Culture…Starting With Yourself.

Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive workbook designed to guide you toward honing your leadership skills and cultivating an incredible work culture within your organization. 

We created this resource because we believe success happens when you place exceptional team members in an outstanding work environment. But every business is different. Your perfect work culture should reflect your unique needs, values, and skills. 

Through guided questions, our new resource helps you lay the groundwork for lasting culture change. We’ll hone your skills as a leader, help you connect with team members, and teach you how to effectively lead teams. Finally, we’ll show you how to bring it all together to begin changing your internal culture. 

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Want a preview of what’s inside? Here’s an example of what you’ll find. 

Step 1: Leading Self

Every great leader is different. They possess different strengths, aspire to unique goals, and approach problems with their own set of skills. Ultimately, it is this ability to harness and build off individual abilities that makes them great leaders. 

You cannot lead a team unless you know how to lead yourself. That’s why the first step toward leadership is self-reflection. 

In this section, we’ll offer guided questions to help you build the skills necessary to lead self including how to: 

  1. Build your self-knowledge by taking time to discover your purpose and unique skills. 
  2. Practice self-awareness by evaluating your past, defining your goals for the future, and finding your sources of support that will take you there. 
  3. Create self-responsibility by taking control of your daily routine and reflecting on how your actions are perceived by the people around you. 
  4. Adhere to self-management through constant reassessment and adaptation that allows you to achieve more. 

Build Your Self-Knowledge

  • List 3-5 things you’re good at and 3-5 areas where you want to improve. 
  • What is your personal vision statement? Your purpose?

Learn to lead self, lead others, lead teams, and spark real change. Access the rest of your workbook now by downloading The Innovative Leader’s Guide To Transforming Company Culture…Starting With Yourself.