Win Forever: Igniting a Culture of Results

By Chris Ihrig

Culture has an enormous impact on organizational results. Don’t believe it? Consider the recent Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks (Dang that’s fun to say).  The Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, operates on a philosophy he calls “Win Forever.” Win forever? Yup, win …forever!

Throughout his coaching career, he has maintained what seems an inexhaustible optimism even in the face of setbacks.

Carroll says it’s not just about winning football games, “it’s about maximizing your potential in every aspect of your life.” In his book, he asks himself, “What if my job as a coach isn’t so much to force or coerce performance as it is to create situations where players develop the confidence to set their talents free and pursue their potential to its full extent? What if my job is really to prove to these kids how good they already are, how good they could possibly become, and that they are truly capable of high-level performance?”

I don’t know about you, but we found their performance in Super Bowl XLVIII pretty convincing evidence that creating a culture where people become more confident and pursue their full potential pretty convincing. Way to Go Hawks!