Wise Beyond Your Field

by Nancy K. Napier & The Gang

Our Main Take-Away:

Wise Beyond Your Field includes the meaningful contributions of seven influential and successful leaders in addition to the writings of the author. The book is very practical and easy to read with examples of leadership and how those examples can be readily applied. The leadership lessons contained within challenge conventional thinking and push the reader to consider how “outside the box” thinking may offer solutions to generating lasting success. The book contains humorous passages and anecdotes from the contributors which help to bring the aspirational goal of transformative leadership within reach.

Reasons to Read:

Wise Beyond Your Field begins with a dedication to “aggressive learners everywhere who do things differently to get better”. The premise of the book challenges accepted norms about leadership and organizational success. The contributing authors represent leaders that have experienced success where the conventional wisdom placed the chances for such occurrences as very slim.

Section 1 of Wise Beyond Your Field, speaks to the importance of topics such as creativity, attitude, and vision within your organization. It encourages the reader to look beyond their current field and examine other models of leadership that have not been previously considered in one’s present context. The author specifically addresses the dangers of complacency and the tendencies of organizations to focus on disadvantages and barriers. She adds that creating a “culture of performance” is supported by a mindset of what has been previously “unimagined” by the leader. The co-author’s contributions to the book bring the topics explored in this section of the book to life in a very informative and relatable manner.

Section 2 of Wise Beyond Your Field, addresses specific actions that the contributing authors have taken to address challenges in their chosen fields. The commitment of high functioning organizations to developing the talent within their organization for the best possible performance is addressed on several levels. Tips for “how” this is accomplished and the underlying leadership and organization structures that support such a commitment are explained in detail. The theme of making those around you the very best they can emerge again and again. The section also includes specific examples of leadership actions, such as being urgent as you prepare and be calm while you are executing your leadership plan, which helps the reader to place the suggestions of the book in context.

Throughout the book, the author alludes to the importance of a positive and supportive organizational culture. She extols the willingness of leaders to consider unconventional approaches to improving performance and lauds actions of leaders who have found great success in areas where others might not have seen the potential.

Wise Beyond Your Field is a very helpful and informative book that leaders will find engaging and helpful to their professional practice.

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Amazon Summary:

Do you want to boost your organization’s performance? Outperform your peers? It may be as simple as looking outside your own field.

Wise Beyond Your Field shows how creative leaders use ideas from far beyond their own fields to do things differently and outperform their peers. The book reveals secrets and examples from leaders who compete with the best and soar beyond the pack. They come from sports, law enforcement, high tech, the arts, and more. What could a dancer learn from a football coach? What could a coach learn from a sheriff or CEO of a software firm? Much more than you might expect. Guaranteed to help you go beyond your own world, you’ll learn and use new ideas right away. The best part: you’ll have fun in the process.

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