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Support Your Team with an Unwavering Commitment to Consistency


People find comfort in consistency. When a singer has a hit song, and they perform it over and over again, their fans tend to build a special connection to that song. When a sports team is reliably successful, supporters gravitate to their games again and again, cheering them on and buying merchandise. Consistency is especially [...]

Support Your Team with an Unwavering Commitment to Consistency2022-06-23T14:12:28+00:00

The Remarkable Power of Authenticity in Building Trust


Leading is a tough job! In addition to all your other responsibilities, you must build, nurture, and grow a culture. The culture in a business, department, or organization has the power to not only support the mission but also provide a working environment where team members can grow and succeed. If you ask your team [...]

The Remarkable Power of Authenticity in Building Trust2022-06-23T14:11:50+00:00

How Norms and Systems Become Culture


When a new leader takes over a team that lacks direction and focus, there are a few early steps that pave the way toward success. The most important of these are protocols around: Verbal communication In-person interactions Internal and external electronic communication Respect for time commitments Standards for professional behavior Expectations in regards to client [...]

How Norms and Systems Become Culture2022-06-22T16:59:02+00:00

6 Purposeful Steps to Achieving Your Greatest Goals


Sisu is a Finnish concept describing sustained, relentless persistence no matter the circumstances. In Finland, the winters are long and cold, making a spirit of fortitude extremely important. As a leader, demonstrating sisu means being willing to say, “This situation is difficult, but I’m going to map it out and see it through regardless.” Accomplishing [...]

6 Purposeful Steps to Achieving Your Greatest Goals2022-06-15T16:58:52+00:00

Moving Forward vs. Getting Through


Does it ever feel as if you’re constantly being swept up in an unrelenting series of cyclical timelines involving reports, financial statements, production figures, and updates on current initiatives? Then, the feeling is compounded by the pressure of project deadlines and the need to be responsive to team members, clients, and customers. All these things [...]

Moving Forward vs. Getting Through2022-06-12T16:23:31+00:00

Why Embracing Discipline is an Investment in Success


When you hear the word “discipline,” do you have a visceral reaction? Do you shudder, or clench your jaw? You’re not alone. Many people have a negative connotation of discipline, considering it both difficult and uncomfortable. When you were disciplined as a child, it might have meant losing something you cared about, being put in [...]

Why Embracing Discipline is an Investment in Success2022-06-09T18:34:26+00:00

Don’t Bury New Leaders in a Mountain of Challenges


It’s all too common, upon starting out, for new leaders to find themselves facing an overwhelming multitude of tasks and responsibilities. They’re forced to focus their energies on short-term survival, with less resources available for the relational, systemic, and growth aspects of their roles. More Than Putting Out Fires When this happens, spending time in [...]

Don’t Bury New Leaders in a Mountain of Challenges2022-06-07T13:21:48+00:00

Leading Through Entrenched Resistance


It’s not rare for leaders to arrive in new roles and find themselves facing entrenched resistance. This can include resistance to change, new leadership, corporate initiatives, and any number of adjustments which, to most, would seem trivial. While some resistance to change can be inherent, entrenched resistance is learned and perpetuated. It happens when team [...]

Leading Through Entrenched Resistance2022-06-02T20:01:00+00:00

Do You Have a Leadership Journal? If Not, It’s Time to Get Started


Have you ever met someone who insists on being right all the time? Perhaps they storm ahead, claiming, “I’m always right — I can’t even remember the last time I wasn't right.” People with this mindset typically make poor leaders because not only do they lack vulnerability, but they also lack the key component of [...]

Do You Have a Leadership Journal? If Not, It’s Time to Get Started2022-06-01T13:23:35+00:00

Affirmation or Critique? This Is Why It Matters


When leaders set a course for change, the new direction often means that their team will have to make adjustments and accommodations. Let’s assume that the leader has dedicated themselves to the fundamentals of leadership, including: Establishing positive relationships Aligning systems and processes Helping team members grow There’s an essential next step that needs to [...]

Affirmation or Critique? This Is Why It Matters2022-05-20T19:32:41+00:00

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