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Challenging Established Norms: Why It Might Be Time for a New Management Style


The United States and Australia both have vast expanses of grazing land, but they take different approaches to managing that land, maximizing growth and protecting the value of the large herds of cattle living there. In the US, hundreds of thousands of miles of barbed wire are held in place by millions of wooden fence [...]

Challenging Established Norms: Why It Might Be Time for a New Management Style2021-09-16T13:37:24+00:00

The Real Cost of Failing to Communicate with One’s Team


Suppose a leader assembles a group of people with the objective of bringing a concept from imagination to fruition. At this stage, the task seems straightforward. After all, the main objective is to accomplish the project in line with company goals. However, when calling upon the collective capacity of a team, leaders must be aware [...]

The Real Cost of Failing to Communicate with One’s Team2021-08-23T20:50:57+00:00

Removing the Resistance


Standing below an electrical transmission line, one can hear the crackle and pop of electrical power being lost to resistance as it flows through the semi-conductive wire. Under ideal temperature conditions and utilizing optimal materials, power can virtually flow without resistance and loss of capacity. Superconductivity, when it becomes commercially possible, will bring about a [...]

Removing the Resistance2021-08-23T20:48:23+00:00

Creating Stewards of the Work


What does an ideal workplace look like? I believe it’s a place where team members are happy and engaged, performance is continually on a path to improvement, and customers are enthusiastic ambassadors for the brand. Getting to that point requires what I call an “Own it Culture” — a place where leaders act boldly to [...]

Creating Stewards of the Work2021-09-01T00:14:28+00:00

Want to Build Trust? Stick to Your Values


Do As I Say… As a child, they made no sense to any of us. The words “do as I say, not as I do” rang hollow and were full of contradictions even before we had the ability to question them. As teenagers the concept became even more difficult to accept. Framed as “you’re too [...]

Want to Build Trust? Stick to Your Values2021-08-23T20:48:59+00:00

A Roadmap for Retaining Senior and Mid-Level Leadership


COVID-19 and The Great Resignation have had a startling impact on organizations, especially when it comes to talent churn. Team members at all levels are beginning to reevaluate their priorities, often quitting or moving on to other opportunities they feel better match their needs.  There are a few different reasons for this. Some are likely [...]

A Roadmap for Retaining Senior and Mid-Level Leadership2021-08-13T22:18:15+00:00

4 Ways Leaders Foster Positive Culture Integration Post-Merger


Things have changed. It used to be that large-scale mergers were less common, but now we’re seeing acquisitions and mergers filling the news more and more often. Joining two organizations can mean great things for everyone involved. It allows teams to pool resources, share technology, reach a wider client base and, hopefully, ensure long-term growth [...]

4 Ways Leaders Foster Positive Culture Integration Post-Merger2021-07-28T22:50:20+00:00

Don’t Play Favorites, Pay Attention


Too often, leadership was synonymous with dictatorship. It used to be that the desires of a boss demanded unquestioning compliance, and anyone who didn’t follow suit got left behind. But those ideas are well on their way to becoming obsolete.  These days, bad leaders have nowhere to hide. Online reviews, social media, and an ever-growing [...]

Don’t Play Favorites, Pay Attention2021-07-30T22:03:43+00:00

True Leadership Is a Long Game


Popular culture suggests leaders can create meaningful change from snap decisions and gut reactions. While it is true that great leaders often need to think on their feet, leadership is about far more than reacting effectively.  Great leadership includes preparation.  Exceptional leadership that creates lasting positive effects comes from a commitment to core principles. It’s [...]

True Leadership Is a Long Game2021-07-22T23:55:19+00:00

Returning to the Roots of Professionalism


When asked what leadership traits team members admire in their leader, the answers typically center around consistency, values, purpose, dependability, and patience.  A strong leader represents safety and inspiration. But leaders cannot get to a place where they exemplify these values if they do not incorporate professional behavior into their day-to-day routines.  When leaders exemplify [...]

Returning to the Roots of Professionalism2021-07-08T17:44:59+00:00

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