The Birkman Method

Get ready to ignite your career and connect your team!

As the assessment of choice for our executive coaching team, the Birkman Method has continued to be our core assessment for the past several decades.  Simply put, it gets the job done.

The Birkman Method assessment is included with all Fired-Up! coaching solutions.

This dynamic assessment can be utilized with both individuals or in a team environment. The core of the process is designed to better understand each team members particular needs, motivations, strengths and behavioral qualities. Combined with powerful coaching conversations and self-reflection exercises, the Birkman assessment helps equip today’s leader with greater self-awareness. This picture helps guide action towards the optimal work environment… an environment that creates engagement, collaboration, improves results and enhances job satisfaction.

We invite you to watch a brief video about the Birkman Method.

The Fired-Up! Birkman assessment package includes taking the online questionnaire, a comprehensive report, and a 60-90 minute one-on-one coaching consultation on the phone (clients near one of our office locations may request an in-person debrief).

Benefits at all levels:

For the INDIVIDUAL, the Birkman Method® equips todays talent with the skills to better understand themselves and their “best-fit” work environment. You’ll be able to recognize and better respond to sources of stress, stay positive and productive, and identify a career and culture best suited to meet your specific goals and needs.

At the TEAM level, the Birkman Method® can dramatically improve teamwork, cross-functional relationships and drive tangible results. By embracing the diverse strengths collaboration becomes a key ingredient in your recipe for success!

At the ORGANIZATION level, the Birkman Method® can become a core tool for culture transformation including collaboration, leadership development, transitions, change initiatives and breakthrough outcomes!

The Birkman Method allows for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why and take that information into their teams.