Own It!
How Great Leaders Build a ‘Take Responsibility’ Culture for Breakthrough Results

Author: Chris J. Ihrig

An eye-opening book with powerful strategies designed to promote a more impactful type of business management that transforms the workplace culture and drives organizational effectiveness!

Through real-life examples of companies and their hurdles, our CEO and Founder, Chris Ihrig, discusses the need for a change in how we lead and helps us establish a healthy working environment based on solid values and responsibility-driven actions.

Would You Work for You?
The Quest:
Discovering the Leader Within

Authors: Chris J. Ihrig & Dr. Timothy Yeomans

Unleash Your Inner Leader!

A comprehensive guide with valuable insights, coaching, and action steps on how you can become the best leader you can be.

Being the first book in the “Would You Work For You” series, The Quest is dedicated to your leadership development. This book focuses on how you can lead yourself well. Based on a concrete framework, Chris & Tim encourage leaders to incorporate a set of principles into their daily activities.

Whether you are a seasoned professional with years of experience in your field or you wish to pursue a leadership career soon, this book is a must read.

Take the first step towards Leadership Mastery!