Don’t Retreat. Take the Summit!

Leadership retreats are often expensive, boring, ineffective charades.

You want more for your organization, your leaders and your team members. At Fired-Up! Culture, we don’t take company leaders on retreats to check a management box and put on a show for employees.

We lead executives to a life-changing Leadership Summit, an experience that is tailor-made to your company, full of strategic activities and agendas that lead to organization-wide culture improvement.

What We’ve Learned

Through our years of hosting powerful Leadership Summits, we’ve learned that a few things are crucial:

Get the right people in the room. All of them. We’re not looking for kumbaya moments. But we can’t get to the heart of the issues within your organization without willing participation and shared vision among your whole leadership team.

We’ll work with you to define early what a successful Leadership Summit looks like for you and your team. The agenda will drive us on the fine line between relationship building and important action. What we do in the room during your Leadership Summit needs to be the result of the work we do beforehand to understand your team and your organization’s specific needs. What do you need to accomplish? You’ll leave the Leadership Summit with a clear and understood set of actions deliverable within the first 90 days after the event.

Meaningful and memorable Leadership Summits rarely happen in rooms with fluorescent lights and folding tables. In order to have complete participation and engagement, we create an environment of fun and relationship building. Get out of the office. Breath. Fires need oxygen to ignite.

“I have worked with Fired-Up! on the development of three Boards and the feedback from our stakeholders is that the process we’ve gone through has exceeded their expectations and has enabled significant paradigm shifts.”

Monterey County CVB

“The result this year was a renewed focus on our core purpose and elimination of “scope creep” which was stifling effective advocacy for our members. The process by which Fired-Up! Culture led our board through was effective and embraced”

Puyallup Chamber

“Fired-Up! facilitates clarity and change. At the end of the day, the issues have been addressed, goals and responsibilities are clearly defined, and participants feel fulfilled and cohesive. They have never let us down with the ability to “bring it home”

Washington Tourism Alliance