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High Performers Need Leadership Too!

Frequently executives make the mistake of thinking that some employees are so talented, skilled and motivated that you don’t need to lead them? We hear it all the time, “The high performer is different. They [...]

Is Your Talent Ready to Sneak Out The Door?

A market mindset develops that employees can be asked to “do more with less” while implementing deep cost cutting measures with no consequences. Insolent words ring through the corporate halls “Too Bad! Where are they going to go? They should be happy they have a job.”

Say “Yes” to the Breath Mint

I went on to say that one of the biggest problems with knee-jerk reactions is that they don’t allow for a collaborative decision making process, and have a demoralizing effect on employees and volunteers.

Prioritizing Your Executive Coaching Investment

By being proactive and offensive minded, companies can stimulate personal effectiveness in leadership while having a profound impact on business results. Here are a few critical coaching moments that can be cultivated during organizational transitions.

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