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Want Change to Last? Lead Me!

Want Change to Last? Lead Me! Make sure people are connecting to their roles and responsibilities. By Randy Spitzer Depending on the source you consult, the vast majority of change initiatives fail. According to Michael Beer and Nitin Nohria writing for Harvard Business Review in May 2000, a whopping 70% fail. They say, “To improve the odds

Fulfillment: A Process or Destination?

Never before has the midlife crisis happened so early in American Culture. We at Fired-Up! Culture often work with young professionals desperately seeking clarity of purpose in their lives as they transition to job three or even four, just a few years after college. Of course, plenty of 40+ year olds also seek our advise in

Free Them to Engage Them

“You know, my people don’t seem to be as excited about this business as I am. The work ethic just doesn’t seem to be there anymore.” For decades I’ve heard these words, or something very similar...

High Performers Need Leadership Too!

Frequently executives make the mistake of thinking that some employees are so talented, skilled and motivated that you don’t need to lead them? We hear it all the time, “The high performer is different. They [...]

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