Download our annual
2022 Culture & Workplace Engagement Report

This report includes the summary and analysis of proprietary data collected by the team at Fired Up! Culture.

This report provides executives with actionable insights, backed by data, showing where leaders should focus to drive employee engagement. The findings reported should help guide strategic initiatives, as a greater focus on culture and engagement in the workplace becomes a foundational part of the executive strategy conversation.

For the first time in over a decade, we’ve brought our data, insights, and takeaways to the public with the publication of this report. Previous reports were dispersed only among clients of our organization, but now we’re thrilled to share our research and learnings with a broader audience.

The Fired Up! Culture Index was developed in 2012 as a tool to collect and analyze core factors related to workplace culture and engagement. The proprietary index focuses on 58 workplace principles and value statements across six categories.