Industry Report

The State of Remote Work in Destination Organizations

This report contains a summary of proprietary data collected and analyzed by the team at Fired Up! Culture. We aim to provide destinations with insightful research, analysis, and thought leadership so organizations can fulfill their greatest potential in serving the communities they represent.

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, the ability and desire for team members to work remotely has surged exponentially, redefining the traditional notions of the workplace. As we see destinations rebuild themselves post-pandemic, the ability to work remotely sits squarely in the middle of the debate table, with organizations unsure of how remote work will impact the short- and long-term.

Remote work presents organizations with incredible opportunities to broaden their recruiting pool of talent, foster stronger inclusivity and diversity, provide flexibility, and enable team members throughout the organization with the space to be productive in the environment that best fits their needs.

However, our research shows that destination leaders are reluctant to lean into remote work. Citing fewer opportunities to build meaningful relationships, less effective collaboration, and a lack of trust around productivity, many destination organizations are working to find the right balance to blend an in-office and remote work environment.