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Paul is part of a dynamic team of passionate change agents who are dedicated to partnering with organizational executives to create cultures that inspire, engage and ignite the best in people. Our work is dedicated to harnessing the power of culture to equip leaders, build amazing teams and align operation practices to delighting the customer and drive breakthrough results.

How Leaders Can Communicate Better by Listening Deeper


The Journey Listening to a deeper level takes skills. At the beginning of the movie August Rush, the main character says that “the music is all around us…all we have to do is listen.” Ironically, that actually made me begin to really think, not listen, about that statement. I thought, what does he mean by [...]

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Want to Succeed as a Leader? Watch, Listen, and Be Present


When the unexpected happens and you don't know what to do, what is your first impulse? For some, it's to move; to just do something. For others, it's to freeze; to do nothing. To Take Action, Or To Stay Silent? Almost three years ago to this day, I was at a youth group event as [...]

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What Does it Mean to Purposely Pursue Your Passion?


The Journey Songwriter, Rachael Platten sings a song that most of you have probably heard; Fight Song. It isn’t my favorite song, but one of her lyrics stuck with me. In the song, she states that “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.” This spoke to me about having confidence [...]

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Maximize Your Impact Through Self-Awareness


Leadership and Self-Deception is a book that came out a few years back and I have had the privilege to read it just recently. I would recommend it to any leader. In fact, it’s one of our recommended Leadership Reads at Fired-Up Culture. Leadership and Self Deception is a story about how we deceive ourselves [...]

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