Is Your Talent Ready to Sneak Out The Door?

By Chris Ihrig

Given the pressures of the current economics, some may believe a door is opened for companies to reduce retention efforts without any threat to losing employees, even top-producing employees. A market mindset develops that employees can be asked to “do more with less” while implementing deep cost-cutting measures with no consequences.  Insolent words ring through the corporate halls “Too Bad! Where are they going to go? They should be happy they have a job.” However, we have found just the opposite is true. These unprecedented times call for organizations to recalibrate the thinking around employee engagement.

The solution to this dilemma is less about HR-personnel decisions and more about personal engagement ones that reawaken and revitalize.

Be the Voice of Recognition: Employees want to know that what they do matters and they want to be recognized for contribution.  Rewards and incentives play a role, but the core issue of recognition is personal acknowledgment and a genuine sense of inclusion.

Re-energize the Vision: By placing a renewed focus on the corporate purpose and compelling vision, employees are infused with an energized understand of the larger mission of which they are a part.

Lead the Challenge: Employees want to be challenged personally and professionally regardless of the level or nature of their work. It’s important to set clear expectations while creating work for the individual that offers genuine challenge and significance.

Create a Path: When working through transitions, first comes stability then comes the new horizon. Design a strategy for organizational commitment to growth and development that leads to the opportunity for meaningful careers at all levels.

With company-wide RIF’s, frozen job hires, delayed pay increases, scheduled shutdowns, eliminating conference travel, reduced 401k deposits and other cost-cutting measures the norm,  employers that survive these turbulent times understand what really matters to employees. The bottom line is there is no silver bullet solution for creating employee engagement.  Paying attention to the core drivers and continually make intentional investments will make a difference.