This edition of Sparked was published and delivered on February 17th, 2023.

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Engage your Team by Seeking Feedback Regularly

Much is made about the need for downstream feedback in thriving organizations. Sure, effective leaders must be able to identify opportunities, communicate shortcomings, and coach their team members for improvement.

But the flow of feedback in an organization should not be a one-way street.

Organizations with healthy culture and engaged team members at every level leverage feedback that flows both upwards and downwards.

Leaders who are able to effectively solicit, receive, and act on feedback from their team on a regular basis put themselves in a position to lead themselves, their team members, and their organizations forward.

There is so much to gain by building a culture where feedback flows freely and safely, upwards to leadership.

Actively seeking feedback when in a leadership role positions you to:

  • Set the example of how feedback should be asked for, received, and acted on
  • Provide opportunities for your team members to let their voices be heard
  • Identify potential strengths to lean further into
  • Uncover pain points that can be considered for adjustment

Asking for feedback can be one of the most powerful ways to build engagement from your team but few leaders do it as often or effectively as they should. 

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For your Consideration

Have you considered how you can seek feedback more regularly from your team to surface their appreciation, ideas, and grievances?

Build opportunities for upward feedback to spur team engagement. Here are a few ideas if you’re looking to get started:  

What could you ask for feedback on?

  • your personal performance 
  • organizational/team culture
  • operations, systems, and processes
  • delivery on your customer promise
  • benefits, rewards, and compensation

How could you ask for feedback?

  • survey questionnaires
  • open feedback forms  
  • team meetings
  • 1:1 conversations

If you’re not consistently asking for feedback from your team, start simply, and make sure you follow through well after receiving feedback.

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