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Chris leads a dynamic team of passionate change agents who are dedicated to partnering with organizational executives to create cultures that inspire, engage and ignite the best in people. Our work is dedicated to harnessing the power of culture to equip leaders, build amazing teams and align operation practices to delighting the customer and drive breakthrough results.

Improving Employee Engagement Through Storytelling


A Consistent Message: Spell It Out with a Story By Chris Ihrig Employee engagement is at troublingly low levels. For more than a decade, engagement hovered around 30%. Then, in 2018, the Gallup Organization reported that engagement had dropped to 15%. To counteract low engagement, managers are encouraged to share the mission, vision, values, goals, [...]

Improving Employee Engagement Through Storytelling2020-04-22T23:52:52+00:00

How Do You Manage a Remote Team?


How do you attract and keep talent with this much competition? Of course, there are traditional strategies such as raising salaries and adding benefits, but those only help up to a point. Living, as we do, in an era of disruptive change that is burying icons like Sears, Toys R Us, and Radio Shack takes [...]

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Workplace Environment and Culture.. Something We Know About


Positive Psychology Insights: Rumination for Individuals and Teams By Chris Ihrig Creating an environment of excellence requires good people and good knowledge. After Martin E. P. Seligman announced that the study of psychology needed to look at and understand what makes us do well and not just what illness looks like, insights about how to increase [...]

Workplace Environment and Culture.. Something We Know About2019-09-12T17:33:26+00:00

The Open Door Policy


Open Doors: How to Have the Time By Chris Ihrig Open-door policies are encouraged as a way to improve morale. When employees feel able to express their ideas, concerns, and complaints, they feel heard. When employees feel they are heard, they are more likely to remain engaged. Open doors can also be a source of [...]

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What is “Mindful Leadership”?


Mindful Leadership By Chris Ihrig Mindfulness is a practice where you are encouraged to stay non-judgmental in the current moment while being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. The problem with mindful leadership is that leading requires us to make judgments all day long. We can’t withhold judgment when we observe an employee who [...]

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Is Every Leader Coachable?


Is Every Leader Coachable? By Chris Ihrig Coaching leaders is a common practice, but the results organizations see are inconsistent. Is there a way to know before investing in a coach whether a leader is coachable? Or, are leaders who don’t seem coachable simply not ready to begin in the same place as a leader [...]

Is Every Leader Coachable?2019-09-12T17:38:50+00:00

Which is Greater: Positive Emotion or Job Satisfaction?


Is Positive Emotion More Important Than Job Satisfaction? By Chris Ihrig Decades of research has left us with 30% employee engagement levels that haven’t budged in more than a decade. What are we missing? Over the years I’ve heard many arguments against employee happiness including: 1. Happiness is fluffy, it doesn’t add value. 2. You [...]

Which is Greater: Positive Emotion or Job Satisfaction?2019-09-12T17:42:57+00:00

Is Happiness Enough?


Is Happiness Enough? By Chris Ihrig When my copy of Harvard Business Review arrived with a bright yellow happy face on the cover in January 2012, I remember thinking that the benefits of employee happiness were finally going mainstream. In the seven years since, happiness has become a buzz word that often lacks the evidence-based [...]

Is Happiness Enough?2019-09-11T18:01:10+00:00
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