Powerful People Data

You want to be a hero for your organization. You want your company’s culture to attract top-tier talent. You want engaged team members who are thriving in their roles and driving your business to succeed.

But something’s wrong, isn’t it?

You hear grumbling around the water cooler. You’re not getting what you expect from your top players. Turnover is up.

So what can you do about all the churn? 

Join our clients in utilizing the Fired-Up culture Index process to identify the trouble spots are in the organization, put together a meaningful action plan, and equip your leaders to drive change.

Meet the Fired-Up! Culture Index

Two parts survey, one part silver bullet.
The Fired-Up Culture Index is a powerful tool to give you and your leadership a meaningful and actionable look at your most valuable resource:


The Fired-Up Culture Index comes from detailed team member feedback. It’s a low cost, high value solution.

The Fired-Up Culture Index takes a complex issue – your corporate culture – and distills it into a manageable action plan.

After reviewing your Fired-Up! Culture Index data, you will be able to:

“I would highly recommend the Fired-Up! programs and facilitators to any organization that is seeking to create an atmosphere of respect and collaboration in the workplace that will guarantee very positive results.”

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“The team at Fired-Up! Culture brings a vast bank of research and experience to their work and comes alongside leaders so they can ignite a culture where people choose to work and bring their best every day!”


“Fired-Up’s most critical role was as coach and confidante to me as I explored how best to navigate the landscape and advocate for people-centered change at the organization. Their engagement was a unique and impactful combination of strategy and tactics, encouragement and challenge, structure and flexibility.”

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