Hello! I’m Tim Yeomans

Understanding the challenges that leaders face, serving as a thought partner, and providing solutions are passions for me.  Working to help organizations move forward with the capacity to be successful now, and in the future, is what drives our work at Fire Up Culture.

As the former CEO of a large public entity with thousands of team members, I have experienced firsthand the deep satisfaction of aligning the many facets of the organization to help it serve its intended purpose. This, of course, involved the building of strong relationships, the removal of real or imagined barriers, the synchronization of systems, and the creation of capacity and shared focus within the leadership team.

The rewarding role I now serve with Fired Up Culture, allows me to work with leaders as they navigate their way forward.  Serving as a trusted partner, mentor, and advisor during times when “the plan” is working and in times where a reboot is needed, has proved to be the place where I am able to offer very real value to our partners.

I look forward to the opportunity to listen and understand the work that has been done and the discussions that will follow about how to best move forward for long-term success!

Tim and his wife Erin enjoy hiking the beaches and mountains of southern Oregon.  He enjoys spending time with their children and grandsons whenever possible. He loves taking walks with their dogs, Rudy and Kenai, while enjoying all the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Riding his bike, skiing, traveling, and exploring the backroads of the country are the activities that he finds rejuvenating.  Working with teams to create positive change for others is what fulfills him professionally.

Tim brings over 22 years of leadership and group facilitation experience to his role. He is highly organized and brings energy, fun and humor to the work.  Tim is focused on helping public sector, private sector, and non-profit entities reach their goals and provide added value to their constituents. Bringing leadership teams and oversight bodies, such as Boards, together is a critical step for most organizations. Committing to processes and a shared direction which allows the entity to move forward with confidence with clear communication and expectations is his strength.

Tim earned his Bachelor and Masters degrees from Washington State University and his Doctorate degree in Leadership and Policy Studies, with an emphasis on building the systems and leadership capacity for change, from the University of Washington.

I really do appreciate connecting with people.  Go ahead and reach out and let’s get connected. 

My email: tyeomans@www.firedupculture.com
My LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/timothy-yeomans-6334963a
My Twitter: @yeomats

If you’re looking to sell us on a product or service you are offering, please direct those inquiries to our main email at info@www.firedupculture.com